Camlocks / Camlock Couplings

Cam & Groove coupling is a reliable quick connect coupling for use on Hose, Pipe, tubing & tank conveying a wide variety of liquids. Cam & Groove categories in 2 types as British Standard Thread (BSP) & National Pipe Thread (NPT & available in Brass, 316SS, 304SS, Aluminium etc.


1. Product Details :

• The coupling is connected by simply opening the couplers arms & inserting the adapter into the coupler.

• The two cam arms are then closed under normal hand pressure to complete the joint.


    2. Types of Camlock :


Type A

Type B

Type C


Type D

Type E

Type F



Type DP

Type DC


3. Accessories for Camlock :



Camlock GasketsCamlock Handle, Ring & Pin


4. Specifications :

• Camlocks are manufactured to interchange with all products produced to Mil Spec A-A 59326, which supersedes Mil-C-27487

• Maximum Pressure Ratings as below:


Sizes( mm)















• Operating at ambient Temperature 21°C with standard Buna-N seal installed.


5. Applications :


• Cam & Groove coupling is quick connect coupling for use on hose, pipe, tubing & tank conveying a wide variety of liquids, dry bulk materials & vapours including cooling water, fuels, chemicals, cosmetics, food products, adhesives, dyes, pharmaceuticals, pellets etc.

• Global Cam & groove are intended for the transfer of products such as water & sewage in non-critical applications in the agricultural & construction industries.


6. Safety Precautions :

• Under no circumstances should cam & groove couplings be used for compressed air or steam service.

• Pressure rating is based on the seal of the mating parts.

• Pressure rating recommendations are based on the fittings at ambient Temperature 210C with standard seal installed.