Crowfoot Coupling / Claw Coupling / Universal claw Coupling / Chicago coupling

We offer products of competitively priced, high quality air hose coupling & safety air hose restraints also known as whipchecks. Claw coupling are categories in two types as British Standard Type (BSP) & American National Standard Pipe Thread (NPT).Claw couplings are available in Malleable iron, Stainless steel & Brass material.


1. Product Details :

• Universal claw coupling provide quick, safe & reliable connections.

• Claw coupling are designed with a common or universal claw which enables differing hoses sizes & nominal bore sizes to be connected.

2. Types of Claw coupling :



Air King Hose Ends

Air King Male Ends

Air King Female Ends

Air King Blank Ends




Air King 4 Lug Hose Ends

Air King 4 Lug Female NPT Ends


    3. Accessories for Claw Coupling :


Safety Clip- AC1 

Rubber Washer for Claw Coupling- AWR4


4. Specification :

• Claw coupling meets pressure requirements as specified in A-A-59553 commercial item description superseding Mil Spec.WWC-633D

• Pressure rating: 150 PSI at ambient temperature (70° F)


5. Applications :

• Claw Coupling are most commonly used in Air & Water application

• Industries application- Under ground& surface mining, mineral processing, compressor & air tool industries, hire companies.


6. Features :

• Safety Clip included - AC1

  • • Supplied with rubber washer- AWR4


7. Safety Precautions :

• Claw coupling never use for steam application.

• Safety clips is necessary to ensure that couplings will not become accidentally disconnected.