PLUGS & SOCKETS – 200A & 400A

    Plugs and sockets are available in seawater resistant design on request.

    Other voltages and frequencies available on request.




    Heavy duty versions for industry


    Mechanical interlocking. For mobile consumers of rated current > 125A we have included a heavy duty range with 200A, 250A and 400A in our programme. This can be supplied for rated voltages of 230V to 1000V and in seawater resistant version.


    The heavy duty range is suitable for use in very harsh conditions, e.g. building sites:


    • Drilling rigs

    • Tunnel constructions

    • Gravel pits

    • Strip mining

    • Container terminals and crane connections in harbours

    • For versatile power supply at large-scale indoor and outdoor events

    • Power supply to market places

    • Airports

    • Quarries