Whip checks / Whipcheck Safety Cable/ Wire Cable Stocking

1. Product Details :

• Whipcheck are used to prevent accidental separation of coupling or clamp devices.

• Whipcheck connection built up between Hose to Hose service & Hose to Tool service.

2. Types of Claw coupling :


Style W for Hose To Hose Service

Style W for Hose To Hose Service


    3. Specification :

• Working Pressure: 200 psi


4. Applications :

• When Hose, Couplings or clamps fails or there is an accidental separation of the assembly king safety cables minimize damage to equipment & injuries to operators.


5. Features :

• Hose-to-Hose or Hose-to-rigid outlet

• Whipcheck is the low cost answer to eliminate injuries caused by broken air hose connections

• Highly resistant to rust & corrosion

• No tools needed-easy to install & remove.


6. Safety Precautions :

• King safety cable must be installed in extended position (no slack).